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April 4, 2011

Crating is COMPLETE!

This past Thursday we were finally able to crate our things for Madagascar.  The crating guys showed up at 8:30 that morning and were greeted by this...

The guys had to go through each box to create their own inventory list and put all of our loose items in big boxes.  It was then all packed in a moving truck and we drove to the crating site.  It took a while for them to unload everything!!  Ryleigh was a trooper but crating wore her out!  We decided to rock one last time before the glider went on the crate!

By 3:30 that afternoon it looked like this...

Well...that's what one looked like - we ended up filling 2 crates...it's kinda crazy to think about how much stuff is stuffed in these wooden crates!  The crates will be shipped over once we arrive in Mada...we hope to see them sometime in October.  We wonder if we'll have already adjusted and will just laugh at the stuff we packed OR if we'll be super happy to see it - I'm sure it'll be a mixture of both and will be thankful to see some of it!

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