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April 8, 2011

Our Friday Five

I've seen several blogs who do something on Friday where they recap their week.  In an effort to blog more often - I'm going to attempt to do a "Friday Five" every week...here goes our 1st one!

1. Ryleigh has a new favorite position to fall asleep in...but so far it only works with her daddy!

2. Ryleigh is slowly but surely becoming a master at the bumbo seat!

3.  Ryleigh had her 1st visit to her great meme's house

4.  Steve has worked this week on creating a bridge for our nephew to ride his 4 wheeler over - I have to admit I was impressed :)

5. Ryleigh turned 3 months old this week and seems to be growing up every day.  She loves talking (aka cooing)  to anyone who will listen (including her own reflection in the mirror).  This week she's started grabbing onto things and laughing out loud more often.  We are loving every precious moment!

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