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June 15, 2014

To My Daddy

   I love that I know that you're probably already teared up and you haven't even started reading this yet.  I definitely get my tears honestly - don't I?
It's something we joke about but I love that you have always taught me that there is nothing wrong with a man who cries.  Nothing odd about a man who shows sympathy to others and also knows how to make everyone laugh.  Actually, it just means that they are more in tune with the way the Lord created them to be.  The men in the Bible are some of the most emotional you'll ever find - but somehow it's gotten a bad rep in our culture.  Thank you for being in this world but not of it.
 From my earliest memories I knew you were proud of me and you loved me - because of your actions AND your words.  Thank you for that.  Thank you for teaching me that all of my emotions (and goodness knows I have a LOT) were okay and that I could talk to you about any of them.  Thank you for also always showing me the way to my Heavenly Father and showing me an earthly example of unconditional Love.
Thank you for being exceptional - for going to work early and staying late - all so that you could take longer breaks when needed during the day so that you wouldn't miss anything.  You came to awards days, pagents, Bible Drills, and coached summer league.  You were always one of my biggest encouragers and could usually make me laugh when there were no words that could make my lack of atheltic ability any better.
You have always gone above and beyond - when I was younger, I took it for granted...not realizing that not every daddy was like my daddy.  But now I know.  Now, I am eternally grateful.  
Even now, when I'm thousands of miles away, you take the time to email, skype, FaceTime, and save up just to spend it all on plane tickets and suitcases to come and spend time with me.  (Yes, I know that the granddaughters may be part of the reason too!)  Your encouragement and support means more than you could ever possibly know.
There have been tears & misunderstandings - but with those always came open arms and forgiveness.  I have never struggled with understanding the love and forgiveness of my Father because of the example you have set here on the earth. 
Thank you for never settling.  For always believing that you can become more like Him and striving with all that you are to do just that.  There will never be enough words that are adequate enough to express how grateful I am to be your daughter.  I love you.

Happy Father's Day!

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