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June 4, 2014

The Tears

You know it's about to come and you just can't stop it.  The tears start to well up and trickle down your cheek.  Hastily, you brush them away because you are not ready to admit to yourself how you're feeling...much less to anyone who is around you.

Then, you are by yourself.  Hesitantly, they start again...you try your best to think of every reason you shouldn't feel this way but by that point, the tears are flowing.  It's just you, the Lord, and the ugly cry.  A thousand thoughts run through your head but none can quite make it out of your lips.

Life doesn't look the way you thought it would.
You never thought you'd be dealing with this.
There's no way to put what you're actually feeling into words.
Something is off and you can't quite put your finger on it.

The tears keep coming.

Sweet sister, let them fall.  Don't hold back.
The thoughts, the questions, the fears, the doubts...they are not wrong.

It is okay.

Embrace it and run with all of it to the Father.  There is no condemnation in Him.
There is no thought, no question, no fear, or any doubt that His love is not big enough to handle.
You are not a dissapointment.
You are loved.
On your absolute best day, you have already fallen short...He loves you anyway.

You are His BELOVED.

Somewhere you've heard, believed, and lived out the lie that emotions are wrong.
That anything short of a joyful spirit is sin.
So, you hide behind the smile, the laugh, the pride, the busyness, the church, the family...
Your mask is so well designed that on most days you forget you have it on.
Oh friend, let Him break those chains that the Enemy has bound you with for far too long.
Beloved, He just wants you as you are.

And sister, when the darkness starts to fade and you start feeling that marvelous light on your face once again...don't forget.
Don't dismiss the tears that once stained your face.
Look for the one who is bound in chains and has no idea how much she desperately wants to be free.
Go to her...run to her...free of judgement, free of solutions & full of His love.
Share what He has done & stand by her side.
Whisper His truths while you hold her hand and just let her cry.

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