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June 14, 2014

Lyllian Abigail - 6 months

Happy Half Birthday My Beautiful One!
Six months has come upon us so quickly!  The days with you are filled with giggles and grins - you add so much fun to our days!  If we laugh, you laugh back at us.  You only sleep on your tummy but as soon as you wake up, you roll over to your back.  When you hear your door open in the mornings, you let out a giggle and we'll find you kicking your legs in the air with a big smile on your face.
We started solid foods this month.  Your favorites are avocado, banannas, & rice cereal.  You're not such a big fan of oatmeal or apples.  Although, you firmly believe they all taste better if your thumb is in your mouth while you are eating.  You have been eating well though - this month you gained over a pound!  You are 15lbs 14oz (39%) and 26.7 inches long (69%). 
 Have I mentioned that you are SUCH a laid back baby?
The Wallers are letting us borrow their exersaucer and you really enjoy playing in it...or eating all the toys on it is probably more accurate.  The same goes for your playmat...you'd rather eat the animals on it than look in the mirror this past month.  Your favorite toy is a butterfly.  The wings make "crinkly" sounds and you love that you can make the sounds all by yourself.
You are more of a Ryleigh's girl than a momma's or daddy's girl - she can always bring a smile to your face and your eyes follow her wherever she goes.  If she isn't paying attention to you - you will just sit and stare at her. You have also started reaching out for your toys and sometimes even for mom or dad.  
One of your favorite parts of the day is when we have book time.  You love sitting with mommy & Ryleigh while we read a bunch of her favorites.  This month she has started picking out some baby books for you too.  Your thumb is still a constant - left or right - you don't seem to have a preference!
You have gotten your two bottom teeth this month!  They actually both came in during the same week.  Your new teeth have definitely been a bother to you but as long as you have Sophie to chew on you are usually happy.  
We love that our family is now a family of four - you are adored sweet girl!  I love you!

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