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June 18, 2014

Back Home Update

I never want to be guilty of not praising my Savior.  I deeply desire for all glory to continually go to Him...and one way of doing that is to make sure you know how we have been since returning to Tulear.

God is good.

He just is.  There is nothing that can change it.  He is good.
While our time in Joburg was long to us - it was just right in accordance with His plans.  He healed me to the point of where I needed to before returning to Mada.  Upon arriving back in Tulear, I don't know what to say except that His grace is present.

The cooler tempertures...His grace.
The beautiful days...His grace.
Being emotionally stable...His grace.
Outlook on our day to day...His grace.
School with Ryleigh...His grace.
Purposeful one on one time with each girl...His grace.
A stregthened marriage...His grace.
Time to exercise...His grace.
Intentional family time...His grace.
Flourishing relationship with Luxia...His grace.
Open arms at the ESL class...His grace.
Great days even when Steve is in the bush...His grace.
Health...His grace.

His grace has been and will always be enough.
I am still in awe, even as I write this, about the journey He has me on...the lessons in being still, in being dependant, in rest, in activity, in life...they have been abundant.  (Smile) hmmm that is indeed what He came to this world for isn't it?  Abundant Life.  

Our life upon returning here has indeed been abundant.  
His love is beautiful.  
His grace is amazing.  
His mercy - new every single morning.

Thank YOU...each and every one...for praying.  The prayers of the righteous availath much - grateful today that He makes each of us righteous, that are His children, and thankful that you as a righteous child of His take the time to interceed on our behalf.  That my sweet friends, is not taken for granted. HUGS.

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