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November 12, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

This blog world is a funny place.  It sometimes makes me forget that I'm not best friends with certain people because I feel like I know so much about their life and their walk with the Lord.  Some of these people would make you laugh to think that they would even know who I am but there is one who I constantly wonder why we weren't friends when we lived in the same town - attended the same college...that it took us being on the other side of the globe to connect via blogs.  She shares her heart so eloquently and I love her for it.  The Lord has used her words in ways she'll never know to teach me, remind me, mold me after Him.  This past week she shared a quote from Elizabeth Elliot that I absolutely loved...

"But everything in this scene is the King's business, which he looks on in loving sympathy and understanding, for, as Baron Von Hugel said, "The chain of cause and effect which makes up human life, is bisected at every point by a vertical line relating us and all we do to God." This is what He has given us to do, this task here on earth, not the task we aspired to do, but this one.  The absurdities involved cut us down to size.  The great discrepancy between what we envisioned and what we've got force us to be real. And God is our great Reality, more real than the realest of earthly conditions, an unchanging Reality. It is His providence that has put us where we are.  It's where we belong.  It is for us to receive it - all of it - humbly, quietly, thankfully."  (p.228) 
from Keep a Quiet Heart by Elizabeth Elliot

Thank you Laura for sharing what He is teaching you ever so transparently...it makes a difference!

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