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November 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday: FLY

In our backyard growing up, on the playground at school...wherever there was a swing set, I loved being in it - I guess I still do (although I may feel a little silly as the years have gone on).  Pushing up and swinging as high as I could go, closing my eyes and for a moment almost feeling like I was flying.  Flying above it all - gaining a perspective that I couldn't quite imagine but knew I'd enjoy.

There have been other times in my life that I have that urge - looking out over the Grand Canyon, standing with my toes in the water on a beach, being in the Space Needle in Seattle, standing in the mild of a wide open pasture that seems to have no end...just the desire to close my eyes and be lifted up - to fly out over it all.

Those silly questionnaires or journal entries we'd have in school - "what animal would you most like to be?"  How could anyone have any other answer besides some type of bird?  To have the ability to fly, to soar, to just run and lift off...not exactly to escape anything but more so to have a wider view of it all - to be able to take it all in a bit more clearly.

It wasn't just a desire - it was a feeling - something my heart felt when I imagined flying above it all - my heart seemed to take off even when my feet were solidly on the ground.

I love how He grants us the desires of our heart when our heart lines up with His and in spite of all the times that it doesn't.  He has allowed me that feeling of my heart flying more times than I can count.

Having a man who seeks after Him more than anything else in this world, look at me the way that he does even when I'm 31 weeks along and miserably hot - it makes my heart fly.  Opening my arms to a toddler who runs at me with full abandon while laughing hysterically - it makes my heart fly.  Sitting on our front steps and taking in the African sky - it makes my heart fly.

thankful for His reminders of His grace and His love and His faithfulness...that He can always make my heart fly.


  1. What a beautiful post! As I was reading along it was as if I was up there flying with you looking down on all the beauty of God's creation catching all the details in the wide view that we miss down here. And when my granddaughter comes running towards me laughing with arms wide open it makes my heart fly....although I could never quite find the words to describe it until you just did!

  2. I enjoyed the picturesque view of Africa through your eyes!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my FMF post, yours is beautiful! I love your optimism and your love for God and how you recall those moments of "flying" and dreaming! Bless you and yours!

  4. Hi Nickolee! We have actually met once last year at BIMS. We're with the same company. The Madagascar gang were coming back from your cluster meeting and we were getting ready to go to our K2K cluster meeting. Anyway, I found Lisa-Jo's blog through another blog (Graceful Mama) and jumped in on the Five Minute Friday,even though it is Saturday. Anyway, I noticed you in the links and just thought I would say, "HI". Robyn from Zambia


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