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November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

Although I haven't done a Thankful Thursday post in a few weeks...I have still been very thankful and keeping up with my "Thankful Journal".  This week has been a much better week health wise for me so I thought I'd play a little catch up!

#472 - Internet shopping (Amazon, Etsy, etc) it just makes life overseas easier when it comes to birthday & Christmas gifts!

#475 - Ryleigh saying "Ooooohhhh I musta forgot" when being corrected/disciplined about a rule she already knows - it's really quite funny

#478 - Ryleigh's excitement over sleeping in her "tent" aka her mosquito net

#484 - grilled pizza crusts - my friend Jodie introduced me to these a few weeks back and they. are. awesome.

#489 - safety during the elections

#495 - milkshakes - laugh if you want but after days of severe acid reflux and keeping no food down - they can become your best friend

#503 - Team meeting days - I do love hanging out with our team and updating the calendar!

#505 - learning how to best show respect to Steve in our marriage

#508 - Hiding His word in my heart...and hearing Ryleigh do the same

#515 - Settlers of Catan

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