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November 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Truth

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I hear it when I speak to her.  It pours from somewhere deep inside me like an unending fountain.  I take pause because it often surprises me when I hear what I'm saying. 

So grateful.

Thankful that He allows His truth to pour from me - overflowing into her beautiful, on purpose, specially planned life.  that even when my life is far from reflecting Him, He's faithful to use me to speak to her...that joy filled toddler that radiates the Truth of His goodness, of His life, of His faithfulness. 

It's after the noise has stopped from the day that those truths often come back to me.

The truth that she is beautiful.  That she is wonderfully & perfectly created.  That He has the most amazing plans for her.  That she is loved even when she leaves messes, or forgets to go in the potty, or intentionally disobeys.  The truths that we discipline her out of unconditional love.  The truth that often needs no words and just arms wrapped around her so tightly, when she can't quite put words to her almost 3 year old emotions.  The truth of how lovely her songs to the Lord are even when they are made up - just cries from her tiny heart.

It's after she's gone to bed and I'm still awake that He whispers those truths on repeat to me.  That His truths don't change between age 3 and age 28.  they are consistent.  He is consistent.  Truth never changes.  What a beautiful and soothing song to fall asleep to in His arms.  




  1. This is like reading a part of my own day with my four year old daughter. We've really been struggling with helping her realize that we discipline her because we love her. Always reminding her that no matter what we love her and Jesus loves her. Thank you for putting those feelings into words.

  2. Love it! I know the feeling of being surprised by the truth pouring out. I love the verse (don't ask the reference right now) that says, "I pray you may be active in sharing your faith so that you may have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ." Sharing his truth is often our greatest reminder of it! Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I am part of the MSWB and did a guest post while I was in Kenya in July....so nice to meet you!!


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