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June 8, 2013


I have to admit that my first thought is of Superman probably influenced by my good friend Natalie...and then next I think of my friend Laura who would undoubtedly have a super cute picture of her 2 boys acting like superheroes in the middle of a foreign country- however this post is just to let you know about the one I married.

Steve has been awesome.  
In case you missed the announcement...
We are expecting...this little baby was our welcome home gift upon arriving in Tulear!
and this gal has been gearing up to be a big "sistuh" ever since...
However, this momma on the other hand has been horizontal as much as possible.  Morning sickness has turned into most of the day sickness and I don't remember a single day of feeling this way when I was pregnant with Ryleigh.  Nevertheless (that's for you Mom!), He has given MUCH for me to be thankful for a husband who has been nothing but STELLAR and gone above and beyond in every single area.  Seriously - he's fixing meals, doing Bible stories, bath time, and taking walks with Ryleigh - all the while taking care of me!  Needless to say he has been my superhero the past 2 weeks!  And there is also a sweet little girl who says the most adorable prayers for mommy and "baby tummy".

It's hard to believe that a little bitty baby (the size of a blueberry this week) could create so much "downtime" for me - but he/she is doing a great job so far!
and in case you're wondering what a blueberry looks like on a sonogram...here is the tiny pencil point :)   Welcome to the blurry version of 3rd world sonograms!

I know I've been a little absent in the blog world and thought you deserved a reason/excuse why!  I'll try my best to keep you updated as I can through this 1st trimester!

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