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June 29, 2013

Grace for Mommies

Because we were not meant to do it apart from his enabling, we can set aside our deficiencies as mothers, as well as our pride…
If we parent consistently and show patience, it is God’s grace.
If our children obey, it is God’s grace– that it is his sanctifying work in us that enables and instructs us in faithfulness as mothers.
If our children defy us in disobedience, it is God’s grace– that we might have the opportunity to show the gospel to our children once again.
If we struggle to be the mamas we desire to be, it is God’s grace– that we would be reminded once again of the price paid on our behalf, the worthiness of Christ bestowed on us.
It is grace from start to finish.
And so, motherhood is not for the qualified; none of us are. Motherhood is for those he qualifies through Christ. He did indeed see your record, friend…and he erased it. He knows your weaknesses…and he transforms them.
And if, today, you are crying out in helplessness, he replies with open arms,
“Now, child, you are ready for what I have for you. You are ready to become the mama I will make you to be.”

This has all been taken from a new blog I found by Lisa Jo definitely a new favorite  - if you have a few minutes, go over and check her out!

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  1. I loved this SO so much. I read Lisa-Jo's blog pretty regularly and hadn't seen it before, so I Googled and it came up with another blog. Just wanted to let you know!


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