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December 22, 2012

Tulear Ministries

This past week was spent jumping back into our normal "routine" here in Tulear.  On Tuesday night Ashley, Ryleigh, & I went to the ESL class.  This was Ryleigh's first time to join me in going and she was such a sweet girl!  The students enjoyed meeting her and listening to her talk.
Ashley and I shared the story of the demon possesed man and asked the storying questions from ST4T.  The students did really well retelling the story but were a bit hesitant in answering the questions.  We're praying that as we do this every week, they will be more confident in answering the questions.
My home church, Midway, sent prayer cards to all of the students in the ESL class and they were SO excited to recieve them!
Please continue to pray for open hearts & minds as we share God's word with these students.
Wednesday morning, it was time to go to the deaf school.  I brought some Christmas pencils and puzzles as gifts from Jericho Baptist Youth group and the students were thrilled to recieve them!
I shared the Christmas story with them and used a fabric book from the GA's at Midway.  The students really enjoyed seeing a book that was created by other students their age and they were able to use it to retell the Christmas story in sign language!  I was very proud of them and they were pretty proud of themselves!
Please pray that this story would be more than just a story to them.  That they would know the reason for Christmas is Jesus Christ and that He came to save each of them!

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