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December 4, 2012


Our conference in Kenya was such a blessing.  We spent the week in ST4T training.  ST4T is the method we use among the Mahafaly people to share God’s word.  It consists of 21 discipleship stories and 21 church stories – all from God’s word.  As a group, we learned and helped teach the 21 discipleship stories so that we would be familiar with them in English and could then return home to learn them in our local language.  This was exciting to be a part of, because although we’ve already been learning these stories in Mahafaly and Steve has been a part of sharing them out in Mahafaly Land – we had never been trained in the whole process.  We asked a lot of questions, memorized a lot of stories, and learned a great deal of how to be more effective personally in this method.
We are also very thankful for the volunteer team that came to take care of our kiddos.  They taught Bible stories, did crafts, played games, and sang songs - Ryleigh had a blast!  If I haven't mentioned this before - go and give your nursery workers a hug at your church!  They are a blessing, even if you haven't realized it!!!
 Please pray for us as we work (yes, it is indeed hard work) to memorize these first 21 stories in Mahafaly dialect.  The goal would be to share these orally and not read them from our papers!  Pray for the Mahafaly to be diligent in memorizing and hiding His word in their hearts.  Pray that we would be faithful in keeping those we share with accountable to sharing the stories as well.

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  1. that girl is looking so much like a little girl! such a cutie!


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