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November 26, 2012

Lhi Lhi

We enjoyed having Lhi Lhi here so much!!  Everyday provided some new adventure.  Ryleigh and I loved having her help out in our Tulear ministries (see previous blogs) and had lots of fun around the house too!  On any given day we might have been doing the following...
singing Bible songs while playing in the sandbox
or going for a stroller ride around the neighborhood!
Even though Lhi Lhi doesn't speak Malagasy, she enjoyed going to worship with us at Mahavatse.
And then all too soon it was time for the long drive up to Tana...this pic was for you Rock!
After our longest part of the drive, we woke up the next morning to celebrate Lhi Lhi's 50th birthday!!
We miss you already Lhi Lhi but are so thankful you came!!
We love you!!

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