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November 7, 2012

Day at the Beach

As most of you know Tulear is a coastal town on the Southwest side of Madagascar.  However, over the past year it seems to have become increasingly unsafe for us to visit the beaches here.  Due to this, we travel to a town about an hour from here, Ifaty, when we'd like to spend some time at the beach.  The soaring temps and mom visiting seemed like a perfect combo to make a quick trip up at the end of last week.  Ifaty has some nicer "resort" type areas and we decided to spend a night away from home and enjoy the scenery.  It ended up being cloudy and breezy the whole time we were there (plus a little rain!) but it was still a fun trip.  Here's a few pictures of our time there.
Ryles has no fear of the water - she loves being in it and around it!
Taking a stroll with Lhi Lhi
*My caption thing stopped working and I'm not sure why*
our little "monkey"
We love our blessing from the Lord!
I love when all you can see is ocean for miles and miles...Our God is SO big!
Lhi Lhi & Ryles taking a walk down to the beach
Such a daddy's girl - and momma is okay with that...well, most of the time! :)

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