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November 28, 2012

Earliest Decorating Ever

I love Jesus - just in case you didn't know.  I love Christmas time.  I cherish the real reason for the season and I also really enjoy Christmas decor.  So, when I realized that we wouldn't be back home from Kenya until after the 1st week of December...I decided we had to decorate before we left!  Granted, we don't have that many decorations here in Mada but we used all the ones that we had!!  On, November 10th (yes - I know how early it is) we decorated for Christmas at our house!  Which basically means we put up our tree.  It was fun watching Ryleigh with it all this year.  Last year, she was a bit too young to care too much for it but she was super helpful this time!
She even got a new ornament from Rock & Lhi Lhi!
Since the tree was up - she got to go ahead and open an early present from Uncle Tad & Aunt Laura!
And...we found decorations from last year from Nanna & Pop that we didn't use - these wall clings were perfect!  She'll love playing with them all through December!
I never took a shot of just the tree, but I'm glad I didn't because we got a package from Grangran & Grandma full of more fun decorations!  I'll take a pic when we get home!
FYI - malls in Kenya are already decorated for Christmas (since there is no decor for Thanksgiving here!) and it's been so much fun to see and experience!  Ryleigh loves the lit up snowmen!!

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