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October 18, 2012

1st Day

Monday was a beautiful and HOT day to head out to Mahafaly Land but we were excited!  Ryleigh was a fantastic traveler on the rough roads and somehow even managed to take a nap despite the harsh conditions.  We had fun singing every song we knew and doing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" atleast 30 times!
We met up with the guys in Betioky and after eating some lunch of rice & beans here...

 We headed to the village of Besatra and on the way out we were met with this unexpected but very exciting sight...
Rain is so rare here and we were thankful - as were all of the people in the villages!  Ryleigh and I haven't been to Besatra since July, so it was fun to see everyone again.  Ryleigh loved being around all the children and quickly made lots of friends. 
I know lots of you were praying for me as this was my 1st time to try and share with the women in a village.  When Nathan finished sharing the story, I started talking to the women I was sitting with and asked if I could share a few of my favorite verses with them.  Filao (the leader of the village's wife) said yes and called a few other women over to join us.  I was able to share from Psalms 73 and what the verses meant for us as believers.  The ladies were gracious and patient with my language and overall said that the message was "mazava" (clear).  It was short and sweet but more than I've ever attempted in that type of setting and in Southern Dialect!  I was beyond grateful for each of your prayers!! 


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