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October 20, 2012

Market Day in Betioky

Day #2 was spent in the town of Betioky.  Betioky is a tiny place that, as of now, seems to be the best option for living closer to the Mahafaly people.  There is electricity and running water (at least most of the time!) and every Tuesday is market day.  Most of the villagers from the surrounding areas come into town to sell and purchase supplies every week.  I didn't take the camera around with us through the market but you can just picture lots of people - EVERYWHERE! :)  Obviously, life would be different out there but we are excited about the prospect of being closer to the people!  Here are a few pictures of the town of Betioky...


In other news, Ryleigh now has her first "goose egg"!  Her forehead unfortunately connected with some cement at the hotel where we stayed.  But no worries, shortly after she was practicing her driving skills on the quad - watch out Doug she might start driving it back from the bush!

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