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October 8, 2012

Back to the Bush

Steve leaves today for a week in the bush with Nathan, Doug, & Adam.  Thankfully, due to a change in his school schedule, Brilliant is able to travel with them this week too!  Brilliant has been out with Steve before when the Vansant team was here, and we are looking forward to him going out as much as his schedule will allow.  He has been helping us with the Mahafaly dialect and has become a good national (Malagasy) friend. 
Steve, Nathan, Brilliant, & the Vansant team

The guys will be traveling to Besatra, Kilimary, Tanantsoa, and Andremba.  They will be sharing the next stories in the set for each village.  Please pray for the time set aside to tell these stories.  Pray that those who need to hear will be present.  Pray for clear communication through each of our team members.  Lift up Steve as he is still a "newbie" at sharing the stories among the Mahafaly.  He will be sharing the call of Moses with Andremba.  Thank you for interceding!
Kissing Daddy goodbye :)

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