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October 9, 2012


Both Roxana and Lusika have said that I (Nickolee) could visit with them this week and share a Bible story I've been working on in the Mahafaly dialect.  I will be sharing the story of "famorona" (creation).  Please be lifting up these times with each of these ladies.  Pray that my words would come across clearly and correctly.  Pray that every time I practice the story I would become more fluent in the language.  Pray that they would hear the truth in Who created the world and how He desires a personal relationship with His creation.  Pray for those who work around these ladies who will also be exposed to His truths.  Thank you for being so faithful to pray!!

** Update** Time with Roxana went wonderfully - praise to the Lord that she even said my Malagasy had gotten better!!  Compliments from friends here mean so much because they are always brutally honest...telling me when I need to lose weight, have more kids, my clothing choices for the day made me look like an old woman, or that I'm actually way too tall to have gotten a husband :)  So I'll take that compliment quite cheerfully!!
Also, we were invited as a family to eat lunch next Sunday afternoon at her house.  Please go ahead and start praying for this time with her and her family.  Pray for opportunities to present the gospel to the rest of her family (Muslim believers).  Pray also for a sweet time of fellowship and deepening this friendship!

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