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August 12, 2012

Team Retreat

We are off again on Monday morning!  We're driving about 3 hours north of here to a national park in Isalo.  It is a beautiful place, that we refer to as the "Grand Canyon of Madagascar".  Our whole team is going and we'll be joined by a few other IMB'ers too!  We'll definitely have a large group!!  Please be praying for us this next week - we won't be returning until Friday afternoon!
  Here are a few ways we'd love for you to be specifically lifting us up...
* Safety in traveling
*Team bonding
*Personal solitude time with the Lord
*Health for everyone on the team
*Babies/Toddlers to adapt well to new surroundings (we'll be camping!!)
*Renewing of our minds, hearts, & souls
*Focus & direction as how we can function as a team to spread His word among SW Mada

Thank you so much! 
We'll be out of internet contact all week, but we'll be posting updates once we get back!!

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