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August 21, 2012

Changes Changes

If you keep up with our monthly prayer calendar, there are a few changes for this week!  As most Ms say in this part of the world "TIA" (this is Africa).  For various reasons, the guys didn't head out today to the bush and Ryleigh & I will not be making a trip out to the forest due to a canceled trip there as well!  However, the guys will head to Mahafaly land on Thursday of this week for a fast trip.  They will be splitting up once they get there so that stories can be shared in various villages.  Please keep all of them in your prayers.  They will all be working with alongside one another to share stories, build relationships, & as always learning more about the dialect and culture.  Health seems to always be an issue for one family or another lately - so please also pray against sickness.  We appreciate all of you so much and we hope you know how vital you are to what He is doing here in Madagascar!  We are looking forward to updating you with stories of His work!

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