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August 2, 2012

Grandma Time!!

We are SO glad Grandma got to come to town (thanks Grangran for living without her for a little while!)  We've had a blast hanging out and showing her the "ins & outs" of Tulear!
Ryleigh showed Grandma how to play pool "Ryleigh style" at a local restaurant.
Doing some shopping together in the market
Playing in the sandbox is a daily activity
Going on daily stroller rides and drawing with sidewalk chalk
Grandma has been working on teaching her the word "yes"!!!

Grandma and Ryleigh even made the trek out to Ambolofoty on Tuesday
to see a little bit of village life too!
Thank you Lord for allowing us to have such sweet time with family over the summer - it has been such a blessing!  We love you Grandma and hope you have enjoyed your time here as much as we have!  Please be praying for us to all have a safe drive up to Tana over the next few days (it's a good 16 hour drive!).

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