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August 20, 2012

Grace for the Good Girl

At the recommendation of a friend of mine, I’ve been reading through “Grace for the Good Girl” on my kindle.  I’m a fast reader but when every chapter (ahem, paragraph) sparks a need for a quiet time with my Savior, it results in making my way very slowly through this book!  Anyway, if I thought you’d read it – I’d type up the whole book on here but that’s probably against some copyright law anyhow.  So, I’ll just share with you my latest favorite quote (which should translate into – the last thing I read – because He has been using every word so immensely in my life). 

“Because if you are working in your own strength who gets the credit?  You do.  If you aren’t rewarded for your hard work who gets offended?  You do.  If things aren’t going the way they should who gets angry?  You do.  Sometimes, I am this way with Jesus.  Even though I know the Bible says I’m not saved by my own works but through faith, I still believe deep down that God is more accepting of those who perform well and do the right things than He is of those who do not.  It’s only fair.  Cinderella?  She wins.  Stepsisters?  They lose.  But that’s not how salvation works.  And it’s not how walking with Jesus works either.” - Emily Freeman "Grace for the Good Girl"

 I need to end this post by saying that my highest book recommendation is the Bible.  I really enjoy reading and over the past year have really been convicted about how much time I spend in other books (fiction, biographies, Sunday school lessons, aka any other book) vs spending time in the Bible.  So, He has been using this book in perfect alignment with what He has been teaching me in His word.  There is indeed nothing more perfect that the words that He spoke so long ago that are still speaking today. 

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