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August 8, 2012

goodbyes are never fun

I knew this blog was coming...I knew that at some point (August 8th) it'd be just the 3 of us again in our home.  While we do love our little family of 3 - we have enjoyed having Alanna with us for the past 9 weeks and Karen for the last 2!  I also knew that saying "goodbye" would be hard - so we decided to make the last few days packed with fun things to do!
Instead of having Alanna & Karen fly back to the capitol, we decided to drive them up since we were in need of a "supply run" to the big grocery stores anyway!

We stopped in Antsirabe (where we had language school) and showed them around town & ate at a few of our favorite places! 
We took some walks :)
 This wasn't planned - but in Mada you take what you can get when you can get it - did you get all of that?!?  They had a blast though! :)
Everyone loved going to the Lemur Park
and then, sadly, it was indeed time for them to go - a pic from our last meal together :(
Karen & Alanna are both in the air somewhere between Paris and Atlanta right now - your prayers are greatly appreciated!
We miss you both already!!

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