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June 12, 2012

True Love Waits

Sunday morning, we visited a local church for worship

and then enjoyed lunch at a nearby hotel

The afternoon was spent back at the church doing a True Love Waits session.  This was the 1st time a focused study on TLW had been done with this group of believers.  We had over 40 people show up!  Flint, Patti, & Steve stayed outside and played games with the children who were there.  Michael, Alanna, the rest of the SW Mada team, and I helped teach through an overview of what Love looked like and how it could be reflected in our relationships.  TLW is counter cultural - to put it lightly - and we value your prayers for all who were in attendance. 
The girls group
Alanna giving her testimony
Michael giving his testimony
She's always making new friends!
Patti teaching the kiddos "paper, rock, scissors" :)
Rock playing with his favorite kiddo :)

We ended the night with a balloon animal training party to get ready for our time at the orphanage on Monday!

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