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June 13, 2012

A Monday in Ifaty

We left Monday morning and drove for an hour to Ifaty.  It is dirt/sand/rock roads the whole way but provides some gorgeous views!  Our 1st stop was at the orphanage.
Pictures could not be taken of the children but we did manage to get a few of the team! 
We all took a turn at helping Michael with all of the balloon animals (atleast 80+ for sure!).
Dad and Alanna passing out more of the shoes - the kiddos LOVED them and were SO proud!
Midway's GA group + a few sweet ladies -
helped make these dolls which we passed out to all of the little girls!
After the orphanage visit, we headed to a nearby hotel for lunch -
and part of the crew took a boat out!
Our view during lunch
Thankful to the Lord for such a beautiful and enjoyable day!!

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