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June 28, 2012

Jonah & the Big Fish

This past week Alanna & I went to visit the deaf school.  Ryleigh was not feeling very well that day, so we just had a short visit BUT it went so well!  I shared the story of Jonah and the Big Fish.  This was actually the first time that some of them had heard this story! 

Their precious teacher, Hasina, is beyond patient with me as I stumble through my Malagasy and then she translates into Malagasy sign.  The children here are taught to read lips so I do the best that I can!  Last week was the 1st time I asked them to try and tell the story back to me...and they DID!  It was very exciting to me to watch them each stand up and help each other sign the complete story back to their teacher.  Not to mention, this was also the 1st time Hasina retold the story all by herself - which means she is learning the stories too!!

This is yet another example of how faithful the LORD is to use broken vessels to glorify Himself and make HIS name known among the nations.

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