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June 25, 2012

Teaching the SIMPLE Things

Ryleigh teaches me things all the time.  I'm not sure she knows that she does but nevertheless (that's for you mom!) she does.  The hardest thing I'm trying to wrap my brain around is our parent/child relationship and how it is such a powerful reminder of my relationship with my heavenly Father.  For instance, I start to get Ryleigh's attention.  I call her name once.  She doesn't turn around.  I call her name again.  She looks at me with a silly grin on her face.  I tell her what's expected of her; "Ryleigh, when mommy says your name, you need to turn and look at me the very 1st time.  That's how you honor your parents.  That is how you obey your parents, which brings honor to the Lord."  The same scenario with actually asking her to do something..."Ryleigh, I need you to put the crayons back in the basket before playing with your toys.  (she continues towards the toys)  Ryleigh, I need you to follow directions the 1st time I say them." 

SIGH - then I have to stop myself and think about ALL the times that the Lord might have to say my name to get my attention...or all the times He repeats instructions to me through prayer, bible studies, songs, Christian friends, etc.  The truth is my struggle as how to be an obedient child of the Father greatly affects my ability of how to be a mother to Ryleigh.  Sometimes in my relationship with the Father, there are consequences & other times there are 2nd chances - and still other times He gives both.  My Heavenly Father is perfection in every aspect of His character.

No matter my mistake...
He is there as Love
He is there as Grace
He is there as Forgiveness
He is there as Judge
He is there as Righteousness
He is there as the Example

What huge shoes to attempt to fill and follow in!  James 1:5 is so encouraging to me - the Lord promises to give me wisdom - His wisdom - in whatever shape or form that I need it.  Oh and not a day goes by that I don't need it!  I don't say all of this for you to think that I expect Ryleigh to be a perfect child.  Ha!  I know Perfection intimately as my Lord and Savior and I still fail everyday.  I pray for the day that she does know Him personally and until then I also pray that I only lead her closer to Him being her Heavenly Father by being a constant example of Him through every opportunity He provides. 

Praying today and all the days that may lie ahead for wisdom in showing grace and how to discipline according to His word.


  1. Great blog Nickolee! I have had the same realization several times with training & disciplining Eli & Zoey-- sometimes I need to remember it more often or just have the wisdom to know whether we are having a teaching/training moment, a grace moment or discipline. Actually I have been feeling this way lately with being here in SA without their daddy. Thanks for the reminder!


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