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May 22, 2012

Kruger National Park

We had some time between our conference meeting in Joburg and our training in Zambia – so we decided to vacay for a few days in Kruger National Park.  If you are anything like my husband, then you have grown up hearing about this park through any TV series done on animals in Africa.  It is a massive park with lots of animals all around!  We did 3 days of “self drives” through the park and thoroughly enjoyed our time there.   We never imagined we would see the number of animals that we did or that we would be so close!!  The other part we were unsure of was going while Ryleigh is so young – however, she LOVED it.  She’d stand at the windows and just gabber away at the elephants, giraffes, and monkeys!  Here’s some pictures of our time there!
We are so thankful for opportunities such as these!

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