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May 28, 2012

5 years already!

May 19th we celebrated 5 years of marriage.  There are times when I can’t believe it’s already been that long & other times when I feel like that’s not nearly long enough to love Steve the way I do and to be loved the way that I am.  Blessed beyond measure is the only way to describe my life with Steve.  He is my best friend & the love of my life.  He never expects to be anything above #2 in my life and he continually challenges me to fall more in love with my Savior (#1 in  our lives).  He shows me love when I am far from loveable, he forgives the countless mistakes that I make even when I know better, he provides grace when I am least deserving, he can bring a smile to my face even when I’m crying, and the list could go on.  I prayed for him long before I knew who he was and he is an answer to every single one.  He’s even an answer to ones  I didn’t know to pray.  And you know, after saying all that – we’re both just two ordinary people.  Sinners saved by the only true God’s grace.  It is because of Him and His love that we are able to love one another.  For this and so much more am I eternally grateful.
2005 - the night he proposed

2012 - date night for our anniversary in Joburg!

Looking forward to all He has in store - I love you Steve!

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