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May 26, 2012

Mother's Day

I know this is slightly late but considering we were living in a village (doing our homestay during 40/40) miles from any type of electricity much less internet on Mother’s Day – I figured being late was acceptable!
Of course I want to wish my mom and Steve’s mom the greatest mother’s day anyone could ask for – and for that matter I pray that every day is special and blessed for them.  They are incredible mothers, wives, and followers of Christ – we couldn’t ask for better!
What I’d like to really bring up is how much I enjoyed my Mother’s Day this year.  It was quite different than last years but more special than I could have imagined.
 I spent my Sunday here
With views like this
Watching my beautiful baby girl adapt so well to her surroundings
And helping to mud thatch a grain storage J
Does it get any better?!?!

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