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May 24, 2012

Catching Up

Wow!  We are finally back home!  We missed being in Tulear so much and at the same time thoroughly enjoyed our time in South Africa & Zambia.  I’ve shared on here about our time in South Africa but haven’t told you about Zambia.  While in Zambia we had very limited internet – and for ½ of the time we were living without any electricity at all!  Our training was rural/bush training for Sub Saharan Africa.  We had a great time and the Lord really showed us lots of things to apply to our lives and ministries here in Tulear. Most mornings were spent doing DFAs (Daily Field Assignments) – we were partnered with another missionary and a Zambian helper and were sent out into different areas of town.  There are lots of people who speak English so asking questions and getting to know folks was a little easier than here in Mada!  In the afternoons we would learn through different lectures about certain customs & beliefs in Zambia and then the following morning we would go and ask questions regarding what we had learned.   While at bush camp, we had the same schedule but were living in tents and taking bucket showers!  Steve was incredible at making sure Ryleigh and I had hot water for our baths and having buckets of water pumped from the nearby well.  Considering that these are definitely considered "women jobs" here in Africa I was extremley grateful for my hard working husband!!   If you’re on facebook you’ve seen plenty of photos but for those of you who aren’t…here’s a few of our life from the past month!

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