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May 31, 2012

Manamboatra Sambo i'Noa

This morning, Ryleigh and I visited the deaf class at a local Luthern school.  It was our 1st time to share a Bible story with them and I think we were both a little anxious!
Ryleigh and Hasina (amazingly sweet lady/teacher)

Since Ryleigh seems to have such a love for animals, we thought telling the story of Noah and the ark would be appropriate.  I shared the story in Malagasy and the teacher translated it into Malagasy sign.  Every time we go, I pick up a few more signs - so I'm learning!  After we finished the story, I asked them to draw a picture of the animal they were most thankful that God had put on the ark.  We brought some crayons and construction paper with us and the kiddos seemed to really enjoy it!
students working hard on their drawings
Ryleigh seeing if Franck needs help :)

Their favorites included - giraffes, snakes, chickens, cows, birds, and Noah!

Zara & Viky drawing their pictures
Needless to say, the Lord has a way of dispersing all anxiety and flooding His children with joy and peace.  It was such a great time of fellowship and language practice.  Please continue to lift up my language fluency and that I will have the confidence in the language to speak freely.  We're looking forward to visiting again next week with Mrs. Patti & Alanna from Midway!
What joy the Lord brings!

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