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September 30, 2011

Pool Time

a post by Ryleigh

Mom and Dad keep saying that it's going to get pretty warm while we're here in Madagascar.  The last time we were in Tana, I spotted a blow up pool that looked like lots of fun.  It only took one sweet look at my daddy to get him to buy it for me.  Mom says that I have him wrapped around my finger...whatever that means!  Sunday after lunch, Mom and I came downstairs to find the pool blown up and filled up!  I got super excited...there was just one problem I couldn't decide what swimsuit to wear! 
After deciding on the ladybug one, I was ready to go!  However, my parents thought the water needed to heat up some so in the mean time I tried out my cupcake cover up from my Lhi Lhi...it looked cute but I was just ready to be in the pool!!
Finally, it was time... 
 I loved playing with my soccer ball...
splashing around with mommy...
and looking around to see what was going on outside the pool...
It was such a fun day!  Thanks daddy!!

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  1. TOO precious!!! I hope y'all get some great "summer" weather. Here, we are longing for the fall weather now that fall is here!!


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