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September 9, 2011

Hot Dog

A couple of weeks ago, our friend Pastor Chris was visiting with us.  Chris is a good friend of ours here and he speaks English very well.  We were having tacos for supper and he decided to stay and join us (he went to America a few years ago and remembered Taco Bell).  I told him it wouldn't be quite the same but he was welcome to stay.  Over dinner we started discussing his time in the states.  As we were asking him about his favorite American foods, Steve asked if there were hot dogs in Madagascar.  Chris said that there were, even here in Antsirabe.  Steve wanted to know how he could know that a place had them.  Chris explained that there would be a sign of course...they usually said BEWARE HOT DOG in Malagasy.  Apparently, Chris had not had an American hot dog in the states...he thought steve was trying to look out for mean dogs!!

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