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September 4, 2011

Happy 8 months Ryles!

We seriously can't believe you are already 8 months old sweet girl!
You weigh 18lbs 5oz (58th percentile) and are 27.5 inches long (71st percentile)
You have started eating solids 3x a day in your high chair.  Your favorites this past month have been papaya and apples.  You've also started using a sippy cup as more than just a chew toy! 
Your 2 bottom teeth are quite noticeable when you grin (which you love to do) and we're definitely aware of them when you decide to bite down on our fingers!   
You love to look at/chew on books and your favorite place in the house is looking out the window.
Ryleigh, you seem to be in no hurry to crawl and are the happiest when you are standing up. You can't get there on your own yet, but you love pulling up on whatever you can grab.
If you're not grunting at things (this seems to be your favorite form of communication), then you're probably saying "dadadada" or "bababababa". These sounds have not been linked to a person or item yet, just trying out your vocal cords, we guess. The ladies at church this morning said you sure had lots of things to say!
There are no words to express how thankful we are to be your parents.
How precious of a gift the Lord chose to give us when He gave us you. 
We love you, our beautiful, blue-eyed, baby girl!

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