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September 20, 2011

Care Packages

Several of you have been so gracious as to send us care packages.  I don't know that we could adequately express how thankful we are for them.  There's just something about going to the post office and seeing a box with our name on it!  It's so much fun to have a little taste of the USA.  However, the reason for this post is because this past week we realized that several items were taken out of some boxes that were sent to us before they arrived here.  No food items were taken but a few items for Nala, some tools, and a shirt & sippy cup for Ryleigh were.  These all are items that are easy to sell on the streets and were probably taken because someone can make some quick money off of them.  We thought this might be the best way to make everyone aware so that if you are sending a box, we could share some precautions that might help the items make it to us!

1 - please do not send anything electronic or that looks expensive
2 - be creative in your packing (ie - stuffing items in cracker boxes, cereal boxes, etc) and taping them back up
3 - use colorful tape to seal the outside of the box so that it's not easy for someone to open up and retape with the clear packing tape

We appreciate these boxes so very much and while it is frustrating that items have been taken - that's just one more reminder of the people who still need to know a loving and gracious Savior.

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  1. I remember those problems. Love the suggestion of the tape. Getting packages is one of the best things...we would have large crates come with packages for everyone about once a quarter. That was SUCH an exciting day!


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