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September 6, 2011

Do you know how many??

Do you know how many Fruits of the Spirit there are?

I'll wait as you list them off...Galatians 5:22-23 if you need to look...9 right?  That's the number I always came up with too.  However, when we were translating the words during language one day we came up with 6.  It turns out that love, kindness, and gentleness are all definitions of the word fitiavana.  But when we actually brought out our Malagasy bibles there are indeed 9 listed.  The difference being the language people use on a daily basis for conversation versus the official Malagasy language.  So for all of you who would like to try your hand at Malagasy here you go...
"Fa ny vokatry ny Fanahy kosa dia fitiavana (love), fifaliana (joy), fiadanana (peace), fahari-po (patience), fahamoram-panahy (kindness), fanovan-tsoa (goodness), fahamarinana (faithfulness), fahalemem-panahy (gentleness), fahononam-po (self-control); tsy misy lalana manohitra izany." Galatiana 5:22-23

*There are Bibles in the Malagasy language (official language of the island) but there are none in the Mahafaly dialect of our people group in Tulear.


  1. I love seeing the Malagasy language here! Keep sharing it. Seems there is lots of "f" sounds in their language! Will pray that God allows your ears to hear the distinction between the sounds and syllables.

  2. Steve,

    So there is not a translation of the Bible into the dialect of the Mahafaly people? Is that the PG you are woking with?



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