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October 11, 2014

One Word At A Time

I have many things to say.  
Much to catch you up on.  
Lots to share about what God is teaching me and showing me.  
Honestly, in this land of speedy internet & technology galore - I'm having a hard time finding the time to write/type.  Granted, it's usually because I'm busy spending one on one time with family & friends or driving down an interstate headed to one place or another - so that is okay...but I do miss it.  I miss sharing and the theraputic nature of writing.
It's been almost a month since my last post and we're all doing well.  Jet lag never seemed to hit us too hard but this faster paced life is something else entirely.  I feel like I could take a nap everyday but there's just so much to do or people to talk to!!  The girls are throughly enjoying being around family, friends, and hey - even strangers sometimes!  Ryleigh talks to everyone she sees - unless of course, she's being introduced - then she pretends she is shy.  HA!  
Lyllian is growing and has added "hey/hi there" to her vocabulary.  Of course she doesn't say it exactly like that BUT you definitely get what she's saying.  Steve is enjoying watching college football at normal hours of the day (vs staying up super late/waking really early to watch it in Madagascar) and I might be a little too excited about buying new decor to take back to Madagascar.  Shopping is overwhelming but it hasn't kept me from purchasing a few things!!
So, don't give up on me - keep checking back because I do plan on being more regular with my posts.  It's something I enjoy and I know that it's healthy to take some time to do those types of things.  If you want to subscribe to this blog then everytime a new post is up - it'll come straight to your inbox.  I'll be happy to sign you up myself or you can just type in your email address up there on the top right. 

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