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October 25, 2014

This Is Grace

Grace is defined as recieving something we do not deserve.  Most of the time we like to think of all of the good things we have in reference to grace.
Our salvation - definitely.
Our family - of course.
But what if His grace is bigger than that?
What if grace looks different at different seasons in our lives?

What if it's actually grace when things are not okay?

I've been reflecting a lot since we've come stateside on all the Lord has taught me in our first term overseas.  Most would look at our life over there and consider it "hard", "difficult", or at least "not easy".  Then over the past 17 months or so it's seemed that "something" is always going on.

you know what?

I believe His grace is what has been going on.

how can it not be His grace to walk though situations & circumstances that bring us closer to Him?  how can it not be His grace to learn how to depend on Him alone?
how can it not be His grace to journey through life knowing that He alone is good?

it has to be.

it has to be His grace.

I do not deserve to know Him the way that I do.
I do not deserve to trust that His truths will not change.
I do not deserve to hope that He will work everything for the good - for His glory.

but I do.  I am.  I will.

if things we are given but don't deserve are grace then this is it.

our life is grace.
trials are grace.
victories are grace.
the journey is grace.

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