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October 15, 2014

Lyllian Abigail ~ 10 months

Sweet Lyllian - 10 months old!!  

How crazy to think almost a year has gone by!  I feel like you have grown up so much in this past month.  You are 28.5 inches long (56th percentile) and weigh 19.5 pounds (42nd percentile)!  
Clearly you have had a growth spurt!!
You are still eating baby food (your favorite is baby yogurt) but you also love grilled chicken and black eyed peas.  You've also tried a coke icee and a strawberry snowcone (yummy!!)!
You are trying to talk as much as your sister does and a few people even think you've said their names!  Pat-a-cake is one of your favorite activites and you can clap your hands all by yourself and throw them in the air at the end of the song.  
Your favorite toys to go after are your sister's - much to her dismay.  Although she has gotten a bit better about sharing with you as of late.  You love pulling yourself up on anything that's around - including people's legs - but you almost never stand flat footed.  You love being on your tiptoes!!!
You can get around to anywhere you'd like by crawling - you haven't quite started cruising yet, but I think it might be in the near future!
No matter where we are, people comment about what a happy baby you are.  You do still like to suck your thumb but not as much as you have.  The only time you tend to do it now is when you're sleepy!  
 Your big sister gets the loudest giggles from you.  She loves making you laugh about as much as you do.  I think you will be quite a people person.  Anything that we do that requires you to be still (eating, diaper changes, getting dressed) is more quickly done in a room where noone else is.  If someone is around, you want to be looking at them and talking!
 Praying for wisdom as your mommy, sweet girl, as you continue to grow.  The Lord has been gracious in allowing your daddy & me to raise you - and our prayer is that we do it all for His glory.
I love you baby girl!

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