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September 15, 2014

Lyllian Abigail - 9 months

Lyllian - 
Sweet baby girl, what a month you have had!  You have grown so much!! You are 27.5 inches long (78th percentile) and are 18lbs (42nd percentile).  I know you had a growth spurt this month but you still seem so tiny to me!  
2 weeks after you turned 8 months old, you suddenly started doing all types of new things.  You waved bye bye, said ma-ma-ma, sat up right all on your own, and started trying to drink out of a sippy cup.  Everything you see goes straight into your mouth - and yes, that still includes your thumb - you do love sucking your thumb!!
Everyone comments about what a sweet and happy baby you are - which is pretty accurate.  This month you've had a few off days due to all of the teeth that you are cutting.  Currently, you have 6 teeth and started cutting 2 more today!  Otherwise, you are quite a content baby gal.  When you wake up from a nap, we find you sitting up right just a gabbering away in your crib.
You had a bit of separation anxiety for a few weeks, that we thought would really be a big deal once we were in America - but you surprised all of us by how much you reach out to all of our family & friends here in MS.  
MS has also expanded your palatte quite a bit!  You've enjoyed tastes of ice cream, chicken, yogurt, cheese, watermeleon, chocolate, and a shocking favorite - black eyed peas! 
You can get around to anywhere you'd like to go and you've gotten much faster now that you have squishy carpet to crawl around on!  You've started pulling up on your own and you love standing on your tiptoes.  
Even though you are loving all the new people and the extra attention - you have definitely been a momma's girl this month and I dont mind one bit.  I love you my sweet baby girl and am so grateful to be your momma!!

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  1. So I'm literally laughing out loud because as I'm reading this, Maelynn is wearing this outfit TOO!!!! These girls have so got to meet!


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