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October 13, 2014

Life on the Road

About 2 weeks ago we left on a long road trip.  We were heading to Virginia for debriefing with the IMB and fortunately for us we have 2 familes that we are best friends with who live in VA too!

We made a detour through Atlanta on the way up to meet up with this guy...
It was so great to catch up with Doug after not seeing him for over a year!  He served alongside us for 2 years as a journeyman in Mada.
Next up were a few days in Front Royal, VA.  It was beautiful!!  My best friend (whom I have known since we were in diapers) lives there and so do her parents.  It was wonderful to see them and a bit of their life in Virginia.  They had so many fun activites planned for us - it was such a treat!  
Reading a new book from Natalie!

She took me to do "high tea" at a local teahouse - it was fantastic!
Apple Picking!!
We're also grateful for their ladies ministry and their church - we were able to share with them on Saturday & Sunday what God has been doing in Madagascar.  We were honored to meet some of those who have been praying for us over the past few years!!
At the Ladies Tea Saturday afternoon - and the girls in their matching outfits!!

Our 1st ever corn maze - and we MADE it!!
On Monday, we drove to the campus where our debriefing would be held.  We had a fantastic week full of classes, sermons, and worship.  It was a great time of renewing & refreshment.  
Lyllian loved having "class" everyday with her Lhi Lhi
She quickly has become a fan of swings!
2 of these gals were classmates 3 years ago when they were just babies!
Saturday morning we got up and back on the road - this time headed to Vansant, VA.  The Starks live there and we were super excited about seeing them and meeting their newest member - Miss Carlye!  
Life with 5 kids running around was a bit hectic but so much fun.  A lot has changed since we all hung out during our seminary days!!  
BRRRRR it's cold!
We are also thankful for Vansant Baptist and their support through prayers, giving, and coming all the way to Mada to work alongside us!!
it was beautiful in the mountains!
They were fast friends!
Monday we piled back up in the truck and headed home to MS.  10+ hours later, we arrived.  WHEW!  What a trip!  We were grateful to have been able to make the trip and were so appreciative that my Pop let us borrow his truck so we could get there & back!  What a blessing!!  It was fun to be able to see so many of our close friends and just spend some time one on one with each of them.  We are grateful for their hospitatlity!  We love you guys!!

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