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September 1, 2014

Things I didn't know before

- a spoonful of Jif Peanut Butter should be on the top of the list of comfort foods

- there is no rule to figuring out if you should kiss someone 2 or 3 times on the cheek

- there are places in the world where you have to sweep your house multiple times a day due to the amount of dust/dirt

- to be thankful when the electricity is on

- whether you have salted or unsalted butter does matter

- to appreciate a strong and hot shower (especially if both happen at the same time!)

- that I am immensely thankful for technology

- that I really enjoy taking a pousse (rickshaw) or walking places

- finding self rising flour can bring great happiness

- a market is more fun (albeit sometimes more frustrating) than a grocery store

- fresh meat is NOT always the best option

- board games with the right people are quite possibly the best way to spend an evening

- mixing creme cheese & an egg will make a decent substitution for cottage cheese 

- power outages make for amazing star gazing nights

- that Ritz crackers can be frozen...actually almost anything can be and will still taste just fine

- being a life long learner takes on new meanings when living overseas

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