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September 6, 2014

When We See You

I'm grateful that so many of you keep up with us through our blog, facebook, and/or instagram - and even more know atleast what's going on once a month when we send out our newsletter updates.  Even though you have heard a lot - we are still excited to come home and share stories with you about life and what God has done in Madagascar.  

Unfortunately, we don't get monthly updates from you.  We miss knowing what's going on in your lives too.  Not just the job changes, moving houses, or 1st day of school pictures - but the day in and day out.  The details that make up life. Tell us about how God has been working in your family, your marriage, your life, and/or your church.  When we have dinner with you or see you at Walmart - take the time to tell us about your lives.  We're interested in what's gone on and would love the chance to hear about you.  It's important to us!

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