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September 13, 2014

Oh Ryleigh

Ryleigh tends to be the one who makes us all laugh in Madagascar and she has not lost that title now that we're in America for a little while.  I thought I'd share some things in hopes they'll make you laugh too!

*At a Mexican restaurant*
R -"I want noodles & meatballs"
N - "They don't have spaghetti here, you can have a chicken taco"
R - (eyes light up) "I can make tortillas?!?!"

*Church luncheon*
R - "Can I have more cheese (off of the salad bar)"
Lhi Lhi - "Ryleigh, it's covered up now - so we can't get any"
R - "oh so no mosquitoes will get in it?"
Ryleigh & her cousin, Kaylee - these girls had so much fun together!
*Fast Food Place*
Ryleigh has taken off of her shoes and is walking around
N - "Ryleigh, you need to have your shoes on"
R - "oh or they'll put me in jail?"
*in car*
Due to jetlag, Ryleigh falls asleep ANYTIME she is in a vehicle
N - "Ryleigh, it's time to wake up baby"
R - "my body just needs to sleep, momma"
N - "You can't stay out here by yourself in the car"
R - "but Mississippi makes me tired!!"

And if you're wondering how Lyllian is doing...let's just say that she is LOVING having this "new" stuff to crawl on - carpet is a pretty amazing thing!!

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