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January 25, 2014

Five Minute Friday ~ VISIT

If you've read this blog before, you know I love a good Five Minute Friday…even if I'm not writing it till early Sunday…


Growing up it looked like Sunday lunches after church at Pop & Nanna's.  There were days that it meant an entire afternoon at Papaw & Mamaw's which hopefully also included a good nap.  Sometimes it meant picking up those random items in the living room because someone from out of town was stopping by.


to sit, laugh with, swap stories, make memories even when you weren't aware you were making them, to share, to smile, & hopefully to relax a little with ones you love


The past few years it's looked differently.  It's been computer screens filled with loved ones faces.  It's been long distance phone calls because I just want to hear my momma's voice.  Then there are times where it's been a year's worth of memories crammed into 10-15 day trips.  It's meant long plane rides and culture shock for whomever is coming.  It's looked like extra hugs, holding hands, and just being because everyone is all too aware of how long it will be before it happens again - and the reality that it might not ever happen again.  There are tears of grieving & happiness that usually appear at the same time.


to love, to share life, to enjoy time, to not watch the clock, to fellowship, to embrace, to notice the things that are normally taken for granted, to give thanks


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