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January 31, 2014

Five Minute Friday - Hero

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beauty that is found in a quiet spirit
when the outward adornment of a red cape is not needed
moments that saving lives looks like: kissing away tears, singing songs, reading books, and fixing another glass of chocolate milk
perhaps not as glamerous as the latest Marvel movie but so much more rewarding than Hollywood could ever portray

her little eyes that have seen so little of the world
yet speak to the depths of your heart
she thinks you can do anything
she desires to be just like you
at least the you that she sees through her 3 year old eyes

never looking to play this particular role of hero but yet somehow thrust in the middle of it
all you can do is to look to the only One who has indeed come to save the world
when you are drowning in all of your own personal kryptonite
He is there to be your Hero
and you breathe deeply because you know He can be hers too


  1. Hi, there! I just popped over from Lisa-Jo's site, and you are the person who linked up before me.

    I love your post. It brought tears to my eyes-- the good kind. I had never thought of the little things (kisses, chocolate milk, etc) "saving a life," but you are so right. All the little things add up to the big things that make us, well, heroic. :)

    My favorite part? "Her little eyes have seen so little of the world, yet speak to the depths of your heart." Gorgeous! You captured how I feel about my sons so perfectly.

    Keep writing!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Ah!!! What a beautiful post!! Hi!!! I found you on Lisa-Jo's five minute fridays!! :) "He is there to be your Hero
    and you breathe deeply because you know He can be hers too"... I just loved that quote, so true. I have a little daughter, who is 3, so this hits home for me!! Love your blog and can't wait to read more!! You can swing over to heatherduncanwrites.com to check out more about me as well!! Thanks for writing!

  3. Beautiful words. Great to meet you with FMF.


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